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As a Proudly South African company founded in Gauteng we are a loyal supporter of local business and the development thereof. DGT-IT’s unique approach to business is one of unity, innovative growth and self-sustainability, not just for the company but for all business partners, associates, customers and most importantly our staff. With this philosophy in mind we spend a significant amount of resources on staff training and skills development which we believe is essential in fostering a creative environment which is practical and solution-based.


To be the partner of choice for leading service providers, to all agencies and major businesses by maximising stakeholder value and building mutually beneficial partnerships.


To be the market leader in our respective provinces through delivering operational excellence, dynamic services and innovative products by forming value-driven and sustainable partnerships.


Whether you are a customer, supplier, employee or a business associate, people are at the centre of our core values.

Innovative Enterprise Services and Solutions (IESS)

The DGT-IT team provides end-to-end digital solutions that improve the way you do business. Through such innovative technology, you’re able to explore new markets, improve outdated business practices and become part of the digital future, today. Unleash your business potential and with effective automation and software support.

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