Who we are?

At DGT we employ the latest proven technology to arrive at the proposed solutions. We partner with best  solution providers and suppliers to broaden our customer service options. We focus on managing all aspects of the proposed solutions on the customer’s behalf and offer a single point of contact for our customers solutions.

Why choose us?

Our skilled and committed team takes pride in our abilities to successfully meet all our customer’s needs. We are driven by customer service and constantly improve our business practices to meet changing customer demands.  Our commitment to the highest level of service and support allows us to build strong long-lasting relationships with our clients. At DGT we place a premium on our staff because we know that our dedicated professional staff is key to our future success and growth in the competitive computer industry. We invest heavily in our employees to enhance their unique blend of multi-disciplinary skills and management expertise.

Our Services

We also provide the latest technology in surveillance for corporate and retail environments. Real time recording and remote viewing,  contact us to see a consultant on your premises.
We offer the latest fast and cost efficient technology for your web hosting and web-mail.
We provide only the highest quality server and desktop brands for stability and seamless integration for your Home & Businesses. With Microsoft’s tried and tested Windows products we have become proficient in providing our clients with world class security and functionality.We use the latest tools and techknowlogy to manage your site remotely 24/7


We offer great cloud backup solutions with a simple to use dashboard and monitoring system, this includes disaster recovery and prevention from randsomware attacks..


Some of our partners

Some of our Clients